Women Empowerment

The women who are underprivileged can improve their living conditions only when they realize their potential and become self-reliant, Helping 2 Hands the AR Foundation is committed to facilitate women for providing market oriented skills and vocational training.

The aim is to teach basic job skills to women in local. These women are now manufacturing a variety of handicraft products such as handbags, laptop cases, wallets, scarves, folders and jewellery.The enterprise and skill training programme is having a direct impact on the behavioural and managerial qualities of its beneficiaries, which is reflected by the following aspects that were observed:

  • Many have imbibed the positive qualities of punctuality and professional attitude towards their entrepreneurial work.
  • Team interaction among women from various working professionals has been strengthened.
  • They have been now updated not only in technical skills like tailoring, mobile servicing, driving, beautician skills, driving etc but also in the soft skills of communication and negotiation.
  • They have acquired basic managerial understanding of marketing and product pricing about the products they produce. 
  • Enterprise motivation training
  • Facilitation of market survey
  • Skill training
  • Business management training

All are paid a fair wage, and the women set their own prices for the products. When the women receive their first wages, they’re encouraged to use it to buy things for themselves. This has done a tremendous amount to encourage pleasure.