Helping 2 Hands The AR Foundation is a registered NGO Non-Governmental Organization working together with Partners & Local Communities in India
Our vision is a world where everyone has Food, Education, Voice and a safe place to call home. To do that, we come alongside families and communities,
helping them to make that vision a reality.

You are part of this vision.

Together, we’re going to keep pushing and keep fighting until people everywhere have the tools, education and opportunity they need.


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Ongoing Projects

Project Vishwas

12 Monthly Supporters

Elder lives

7 Monthly Supporters

Every Girl in School

6 Monthly Supporters

Equality in Disability

9 Monthly Supporters

Social work team by Helping 2 Hands

Helping 2 Hands The AR Foundation registered in 2016 is a non-profit voluntary organization. It works for the welfare and empowerment of underprivileged and deprived children, women, elderly, and physically challenged individuals by enriching their lives and giving them access to education, health, and livelihood skills.

Helping 2 Hands The AR Foundation is an NGO enabler working with several, other NPO’s & NGO’s and individuals in areas of education, empowerment, health & disabilities