Upcoming projects

Project Sarrinah

Dreams are not restricted to one gender, nor should be the opportunity to realise them.

Education is every child’s basic right and forms the root of society’s development. However, our country continues to have one of the lowest literacy rates for women and girls. Education for girls is essential for the country’s development.

Project Sarrinah aims to provide the girl child quality education that will empower them, and save them from poverty and exploitation. Through this initiative, we not only educate a girl; we educate entire family. Presently, we are looking forward to do evening classes for two orphanges in Musheerabad.

Project Sufiyaan

The Early Intervention Program offers a variety of therapeutic and support services to infants and toddlers with disabilities and their families. The services include family education and counseling, home visits, and parent support groups, speech pathology and audiology, occupational therapy, physical therapy psychological services nutrition services Assisted technology devices and services.

Early intervention increases the developmental and educational gains for the child, improves the involvement of the family, and reaps long-term benefits for society. Speech therapy, physical therapy, Occupational Therapy, psychological and audiology services would be provided as an integral part of this program.

Project Shamim

Shamim Banu is an initiative to support disadvantaged youth, especially young women in India to enable them to realise their dream by equipping them with essential life and market oriented vocational skills, which not only helps them to access decent employment but also makes them representatives of a gender. Shamim Banu provides youth living in disadvantaged community an opportunity to escape poverty through training and employment by giving them the skills to get a job and become economically secure.

Project Ayesha

Helping 100 women in Telangana & Andhra State to make them able to read and be literate

When a woman learns to read and write, her whole world opens up. Provide literacy education for 100.Literacy rate among women in India is much lower than other states of India. Poverty, orthodox thinking, disparity among gender are few reasons of such illiteracy.Plan to Empower illiteracy program provides educational training for removal of illiteracy among rural and urban areas of India, arranging learning opportunity to deliver a basic education to them is a basic need.

This project Ayesha provides 3 month literacy training, creating the opportunity to acquire the skills necessary to improve livelihoods, build self esteem & empower women; includes: trained instructors, supplies, child care, lunch & sisterhood.

Literacy among women will empower them to think broad and understanding the importance of education for their children. Reading and writing skills will make them confident and help them in decision making and empowering such women.