Education support program

Education is the basis of Helping 2 Hands The AR Foundation It lays the groundwork for the future direction of people’s lives and the societies they live in. It is a fundamental human right and essential for the exercise of all other human rights and for social, political, and economic participation. The program’s rights-based approach and community integrity framework, give particular attention to the development challenges faced by children who are members of minority groups, children with developmental delay, malnutrition and disabilities; and children living in poverty

It refreshes, sharpens, and operationalizes educators’ skills and knowledge in areas such as assessment and identification of barriers to learning, learning support, life skills, guidance and counselling, inclusion of students

  • Identify and amplify compelling, socially just, evidence-based ideas advancing the right to education;
  • Support and nurture education reform and highlight best practice in the education field.
  • Workshops for parents and/or guardians and increase their support and participation in the education of their children as demonstrated through increase in the numbers of parents present at school meetings, consultation days, school functions, sporting events, and participation in activities. 
  • Student leadership development through seminars for  members, class leaders and psycho social support group leaders to equip them to help form and lead motivational meetings in schools. 
  • Students’ motivational group meetings with appericiation of previous work done
  • The programme is taught by an in-service professional and specialist in a given area, who will supervise how the contents taught in class.
  • Courses are tailor made to fit the specific needs of the children in question, in terms of both length and contents.
  • These courses are designed to train small groups of people, who will then be able to put the contents, strategies and plans they have learnt in class into practice.