“I always saw children going to school but never dreamed that I would be amongst them one day”

I was 10 years old when I first heard of Founder & Prsident MR. Abdur Rahman. My father sadly had an accident which stopped him from being able to work, leaving my mother to try to care for the 8 of us. She started working as house help in 4 housed to support the family. I even had to make money and used to cut the beetle nuts for Pan shop owners I was given 5 rupees per kg. Everyone in the neighborhood used to go to school and bully me for not able to go to school.  I was bullied for being so thin from lack of food.   They would never even call me to play outside. They always used to ignore me and when I join them for playing they used to make fun of me. I felt important and good after I got admitted to school near my home by him.

I was so shy and scared at first, it took them months of counselling me and talking with my family before I finally went to school.  As my parents were worried as why they are interested sending me to school, what is there interest in it. As no one will help anyone just like that was their thought process. This changed over period of time after meeting him.  I started to basic English and other subjects. I couldn’t believe it – even though I had never been to school before, here I was learning.

Now every evening I teach to the students in my locality and it gives me a immense pleasure and thank him for his support at the early age of schooling.  “I am lucky.”

“Thanks to Helping 2 Hands The AR Foundation, I now have a dream to become a social worker  and help the children who are in vulnerable condition, just as I was.”

My family is poor, so when myfather  became sick my mother  had to work for extra money for his health . I was left responsible to care for my father and younger siblings. He was dignosed of liver cancer,  I slept outside the hospital for three  month and  had to look after them outside the hospital when I was just 7 years old.

Life  is not easy outside the hospital with two siblings. In fact every day is a struggle. I dropped out of school when we moved from the village to city for my fathers treatment. I wanted to keep studying but my father said I needed to work to support my family. I was given a small basket of flowers  which I sold outside mandir. I would get abused by adults and the police, but I had no choice as I had to make money. All I could do was bear the abuse and exploitation every day. On a daily basis I used to make anything between 40 to 70 rupees.

One fine night when I was begging as it was raining heavily and less people make to mandir for offerings. I had no money to buy food for my siblings that is when I met the Founder & President of Helping 2 Hands The AR Foundation, he bought  food for that night and helped my family with monetray. He started visitng me and my family and we used to wait for him not to see him but to get the food from him. In this journey I lost my father and I had to support my family for our basic necessities, he paid my fees for the school and helped me for skill development of mobile repair. Today pursuing 12th from a good college and able to make money for my family. 

Studying in class IX, Afreen lives with her family in dire conditions, where even the basic necessities are barely met. Challenging financial conditions led to her eldest sister dropping out from school and might have forced her to get married at a young age. In a society where girls are married off early, to cut down on the family's economic burden, Afreen had been promised in marriage to her own maternal uncle as part of a common custom. But the Helping 2 Hands The AR Foundation President & Founder Abdur Rahman and team came to the rescue. when they came to know about the same from a house help worker of the team member . The team had to intervene and stop this from happening. The team had to take determined steps in order to stop the marriage. They made visits to her home and counseled her parents against the perils of getting their daughter married at such a young age. Finally, the parents agreed to postpone the marriage until she became of legal age to conduct the ceremony. Afreen remained unfazed by this crisis. She strengthened her resolve to pursue her education and live her dream of becoming a enterpurenner after she finishes her Masters in Business Adminstration. She is pursuing CEC Iind year from Nampally Junior college, she is dertermined to finish her masters now.To help her family after her college she spend time taking tution to the lower classes to help the family from crisis of finaincals. We all can help in this journey, if we wish to. Education will then, no longer be just a dream for below poverty line if we wish to help them like a drop in the ocean

Note: This photograph depiction for saving the identity of the children on request all details can be shared.